Where is our network of mutuality?

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We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

As the pandemic wears on, we are all coping as best we can. The federal government has abdicated any responsibility or assistance. We are left to do what we feel is right with little guidance or regulation from our state government. We are failing as a country.

Social media is full of memes defending one’s right to serve up a big helping of Covid to family members at Thanksgiving. One such meme states that we must see out-of-town and elderly family members this year as it may be their last year alive, ignoring the apparent irony. …

Pick and choose from the menu of options

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This week the media has been reminding us that this election, like most recent elections, won’t be settled on November 3. Of course, the dream is for there to be a clear winner and clear loser, the loser concedes gracefully, and a peaceful transfer of power occurs. But who am I kidding? We know that won’t happen.

Many of us are exhausted from this year, which has come on top of an unprecedented 4 years. So much is at stake with this election. But we all know that. …

Even if you are a procrastinator, you can still get your money.

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At the beginning of the month, I got a letter from the IRS. I was not pleased, assuming I did something wrong when filing my taxes. But no, it was a letter telling me I hadn’t claimed my stimulus check because I hadn’t filed 2019 taxes.


I vaguely remembered filing an extension in March because Coronavirus had begun to be A Thing, but then I just blanked out on the whole situation. Dealing with the pandemic, job changes, isolation, multiple exposure scares and testing, the political landscape, and the stress that the entire world is collectively experiencing has screwed up my sense of time. …

Yes, it is difficult right now to get into your veterinarian.

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Have you noticed your family veterinarian is crazy busy, and it seems impossible to get an appointment? It’s not just you; we in veterinary medicine have seen it too. Since the end of April, veterinary clinics have seen an uptick in visits for well-pet visits, urgent care, and emergencies.

This is more than the usual summertime spike, and it is nationwide, veterinary industry magazines report. Veterinary management websites are full of veterinarians and managers asking how other clinics manage the increase in business. …

Or, how to wreck morale and lose employees

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I work in an essential business and have a toxic boss. I knew she was toxic before I took the job — it’s all over Glassdoor and Indeed. After she called to schedule an interview, I spoke to colleagues in my industry, and was told that she is a challenging employer. Other people who had worked for her used much less flattering descriptors. Apparently, she knows she is difficult as she offered above-average pay for the position. …

It happened to me; I tried and failed to keep it from happening to others

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I‘ve been subjected to many different types of harassment over my years working, as has every woman I’ve ever spoken to about work.

Early on, age 13–15, there were the fathers of the kids I babysat. The husbands usually drove me home and seemed always to need to touch me a lot. Sometimes, if the wife went straight to bed, they would try to give me beer or wine. Later, at age17, I refused advances from a father/husband, who also was the manager of the fast-food restaurant where I worked after school. …

Comment on articles; it will help us make it through another day of writing

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Every writer knows writing is lonely work — it’s such a cliché I hesitate to even put it into words. We take these ideas in our heads and somehow organize them, telling stories, describing our experiences, or giving instructions. Then we release these precious words into the wild and… get tons of rejection.

Medium is unique because we can put our words carefully into the wild, with a guaranteed publishing rate. You may not get published in a Medium publication, but heck, your writing is out there for people to find. …

Learning business management skills from an acting gig

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I have lived in LA for four years now; I suspect I’m one of the few that moved here not to find fame and fortune, but for a business career. Almost by accident, I was cast in a play at a small local theater and eventually ended up co-directing a different run of the same show.

As someone with Masters degrees (Business Admin and Strategic Management) and no experience with artists or performing, being a part of a theater was an eye-opening experience. …

Learning to be an adult in my 40’s is a crash course in life-building

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After leaving my abusive marriage, I gradually realized I have anxious attachment issues in my relationships. For me, this means that I often feel I am not ‘enough’ without a man in my life.

It makes sense, considering I got married at 19, and my entire marriage was focused around my ex, his schooling, and then his career. I wasn’t able to build a strong, independent identity until now. My ex-husbands identity was wrapped up in his career, while my self-image was wrapped up in being his wife. …

2 small acts of kindness many years ago give me hope for the world

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I consider myself a fairly positive person, but sometimes I have to consciously remind myself that good exists, that goodness exists. Not just in kittens and other baby animals, but in people.

Here are two instances where total strangers were so kind it broke my heart.

The first one happened years ago. My then-husband and I traveled to a Caribbean island for vacation, renting a car, and a condo. One day we drove to an isolated beach. We had a great time, snorkeling and taking underwater pictures. Hours later, as we were leaving, we realized we couldn’t find our keys. …


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